Mothers during the COVID-19

Main research focus

Geambașu, R., Gergely, O., Nagy, B., & Somogyi, N. (2020). Qualitative Research on Hungarian Mothers’ Social Situation and Mental Health During the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 11(2). 151-155.

This qualitative research aims to provide insight into the everyday life of a group of Hungarian mothers during the COVID-19-related quarantine.
Our main research questions are the following:

1) What strategies do mothers follow to reconcile the increased burden of care-taking, home-schooling, working from home and household tasks?

2) How does this new situation affect the distribution of unpaid work within the family?

3) How do mothers cope with work-family conflict now?

4) How does this situation affect mothers mental well-being?

Methods: Qualitative Interview