Women in science

Main research focus
- reasons behind women’s underrepresentation
- women as secondary citizens in academic life
- R&D and gender regime
- organizational obstacles in the way of women

Advocacy (2017- 2020, 2020-)
Board member at the Women in Science Association
Member of the Committee for the Advancement of Women in Scientific Career (appointed by the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

European Platform of Women Scientists (p. 20-21)

Tudományos teljesítményeink Polányi díjat érdemeltek

Just published! Ebook is already available! 
Gendered Academic Citizenship
Issues and Experiences, Palgrave

Latest publications:
Striebing, C., Schmidt, E. K., Palmén, R., Holzinger, F., & Nagy, B. (2020). Women Underrepresentation in R&I: A Sector Program Assessment of the Contribution of Gender Equality Policies in Research and Innovation. Evaluation and Program Planning, 79, 101749.

Lannert Judit – Nagy Beáta (2019) A nők helyzete a magyar tudományos életben. Szociológiai Szemle 2019/4

Published monograph (2015)
In Background: An Attempt to Explore the Organizational Gender Order